Season 2

Season 2

The girls are back! Catch up on season 2, with new episodes released every Sunday! For more on the new series An African City, visit our Facebook page:

Season 2

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  • EPISODE 201 - Another Return

    In the season premiere, Nana Yaa happily welcomes another returnee, her cousin Adoma. Immediately, it is evident that Nana Yaa and Adoma have two different views on the “returnee experience.” The experience differs not only for Nana Yaa and Adoma, but for all the ladies - Sade, Ngozi, Makena and...

  • Season 2 Trailer - An African City

    The girls are baackkkk! After a successful launch of its first season in March 2014, An African City returns with its second season on Sunday, January 24, 2016

  • EPISODE 202 - Sweating the Small Stuff

    Returnees are often accused of "sweating the small stuff" when living in an emerging market such as Ghana. Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab are trying their best...not to sweat it!

  • EPISODE 203 - Love, Grief & Jollof Rice

    For many, love eventually leads to a feeling of loss. For Nana Yaa, she still feels the loss of her ex Segun. For Makena, it's work. For Zainab, it's online dating. For Ngozi, it's international development. And for Sade, it's what happens when the cops find you making out in a parked car!

  • EPISODE 204 - The List

    Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab explore their "dream guy list." This does not involve: men whom like arm pits, development specialists with "a savior complex," dates whom still live with their ex-wives, boyfriends with too many female fans or men exploring celibacy.

  • EPISODE 205 - Got Goat Meat?

    Ngozi learns to cook. Sade bumps into her married boyfriends's...wife. Makena defends the missionary position. Zainab's love for the crime channel ("Scorned: women who kill") complicates her dating life. For Nana Yaa, we begin to see life through her mother's eyes.

  • EPISODE 206 - The ISMs

    Nana Yaa explores "the pull out" method. Zainab enters a "generator war" with her neighbor. Makena and Stephan face their first cultural divide. Sade deals with being an "entitled" returnee. And Ngozi is embarrassed by her constantly erect nipples.

  • EPISODE 207 - Great Expectations

    In this episode, the five ladies take stock of the expectations of the men that they date, everything from "man boobs" to visiting - or not visiting - historical slave monuments.

  • GONE by ABIAH (Music Video)

    In season 2, we feature two songs by ABIAH: "September" & "Foolish Heart"

    Watch his new video "Gone" from his new album: BOTTLES. A message from Jeremiah Abiah: "On Ghanaian Independence Day, I am proud to share with you my new music video 'Gone'. Making my directorial debut, it was important...

  • EPISODE 208 - Things Fall Apart

    In this episode, from being in bed with malaria to "twi porn" to, the women face various emotional crossroads.


    In this episode, the five ladies celebrate Nana Yaa’s 30th birthday - with or without their dates. Their interesting dates, that is.


    In this episode, the five ladies explore the concept of moving forward whether in love or in business - or when handling a life changing moment.

  • EPISODE 211- Dumsor Dumsor

    In this episode, the women each experience romance in the time of "dumsor, dumsor."


    In this episode, the ladies judge others while also being judged...and it doesn't feel too good.

  • EPISODE 213 - FLIGHT OR FIGHT (Season Finale)

    In this season finale, the ladies battle with life decisions - whether "to flight" or "to fight."

  • Music Video - "DEEPER" by JAYSO

    Check out the song "Deeper" by Jayso of Skillions Records, which first premiered in season one of An African City!

    You can find "Deeper" and other songs from the 'Making Tasha Proud' album on iTunes and Spotify.

    P.S. And to our fans, we miss you!!!

  • Trailer - The Republic

    The Republic is a drama, set in Ghana, starring Joselyn Dumas. The pilot episode follows Joselyn Dumas' character, political fixer Amerley Oquaye Mitchell, as she and her savvy team are brought out of early retirement to solve the case of all cases. The formidable cast includes Maame Adjei, Jasmi...