Season 1

Season 1

Meet Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab as they explore love and life in the city of Accra.

Season 1

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  • EPISODE 101 - The Return

    After years of living in New York, Nana Yaa returns to Accra, Ghana, where she is welcomed by her best friends Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab.

  • EPISODE 104 - A Customs Emergency

    In 'A Customs Emergency', the girls navigate through issues of dependency...with Sade's dependency dilemma being the most "interesting" of the group.

  • EPISODE 106 - He Facebooked Me

    In 'He Facebooked Me,' the five ladies experience the pros and cons of social media in their love lives, with Nana Yaa having to make an "official" decision.

  • EPISODE 107 - Condom Etiquette

    In 'Condom Etiquette,' the five ladies discuss condoms - the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. (And we mean ugly.)

  • EPISODE 102 - Sexual Real Estate

    In 'Sexual Real Estate', Nana Yaa has returned to Accra and is searching for an apartment. In doing so, both her and her friends learn more about their needs and wants and who they truly are.

  • EPISODE 103 - An African Dump

    In 'An African Dump', the five girls discuss the pet peeves of dating...and the one thing that makes them overlook it all.

  • EPISODE 105 - The Belly Button Test

    In 'The Belly Button Test,' the girls discuss confidence, with Ngozi fighting desperately to overcome her insecurities through some awkward circumstances.

  • EPISODE 108 - An Ode to Saturdays

    In 'An Ode to Saturdays,' the five women live out their weekly Saturday routines on screen, with Makena in an interracial relationship with Matthew. Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

  • EPISODE 109 - Team Sade, Team Ngozi

    In this episode, Sade, Zainab and Ngozi date members of parliament and get the shock of their lives, while Makena meets up with an old flame and finds herself practicing abstinence (albeit by default).

  • EPISODE 110- A Big Decision

    In 'A BIG Decision', Nana Yaa starts to date one of the most powerful men in Africa, much to the chagrin of her ex-boyfriend and first love Segun.

  • Trailer - Season 1

    See highlights from season 1! An African City tells the story of five beautiful and successful women who confide in one another about life and love.