Watch EPISODE 202 - Sweating the Small Stuff

Watch EPISODE 202 - Sweating the Small Stuff

EPISODE 202 - Sweating the Small Stuff

Season 2 • 27m

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  • EPISODE 203 - Love, Grief & Jollof Rice

    For many, love eventually leads to a feeling of loss. For Nana Yaa, she still feels the loss of her ex Segun. For Makena, it's work. For Zainab, it's online dating. For Ngozi, it's international development. And for Sade, it's what happens when the cops find you making out in a parked car!

  • EPISODE 204 - The List

    Nana Yaa, Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab explore their "dream guy list." This does not involve: men whom like arm pits, development specialists with "a savior complex," dates whom still live with their ex-wives, boyfriends with too many female fans or men exploring celibacy.

  • EPISODE 205 - Got Goat Meat?

    Ngozi learns to cook. Sade bumps into her married boyfriends's...wife. Makena defends the missionary position. Zainab's love for the crime channel ("Scorned: women who kill") complicates her dating life. For Nana Yaa, we begin to see life through her mother's eyes.